What is light?

Light is defined as the natural agent that stimulates sight and makes things viable. But what exactly is it? We observe the wonders of light every day by viewing our reflection in a mirror, seeing a rainbow appear after a storm, watching a firework display or glimpsing at a straw in a glass of water. However, these sighting only lead to more questions.  Does light travel in waves? Why do we see colours? What makes fireworks colourful? And what are the common properties of light? 

During this workshop children will be amazed by discovering how white light is made up of all the colour of the rainbow. The children experiment with coloured filters, polarized filters and more. This is followed by observing how plasma balls can be used to make a light bulb glow and what makes fireworks colourful by watching colourful flames.  

This workshop is suitable for KS1-KS3.
This workshop takes approximately 50-60 minutes.



  • Took my 2 boys aged 6 & 9 to the volcano workshop and wow what an experience they loved it and didn't want it to end! will be booking again, staff were so friendly and helpful and made the session so much fun!

    Annalise Walker

  • Brilliant from start to finish!! The children loved it, and the grandparents were equally entertained! Great value for money too. All I needed to do was feed them! Even tidied up before you went home! We have a pair of goggles here which I can post to you xx

    Gemma Bradley

  • My Daughter attended the Candy Chaos session at Bilton Village Hall today. Booking was very easy and quick. The staff were very friendly even taking the time to talk to the parents at the end of the session explaining what the children did and i enjoyed sampling the sherbet im also the bookings clerk of the hall that was used today. Katie and the team were very friendly and left the hall in an immaculate state once finished!!

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